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Our manuals are the best on the market with high resolution clear scans and detailed bookmarks to find the information you need!

Still selling CD-ROM manuals? Just because the vehicle is vintage does not mean the format of the manual has to be.

We use the most current formats on the market.


Every manual we sell is licensed and approved by the Ford Motor Company.



Please visit our retail website at www.FordManuals.com. Our retail site has every USB and eBook download we publish.
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Type of Manuals

Printed manuals are still great but many customer want the convenience of digital manuals. We produce over 110 manuals, with more in production.

  • Examples
  • Ford Cars
  • Ford Trucks
  • Wiring
  • Master Parts

Registration and Tech Support

Registration ensures that you never lose access to your manual. Hard drive failure? No problem, just submit a help ticket and we are here to help!

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Support to Customers

We provide free tech support to all registered products/customers.

Why register? Registration verifies that you are the legitimate owner and that we are supporting you and not someone who might have pirated the manual.

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What Customers Says
About Our Manuals

Our goal is to produce the best quality digital products on the market. Not only are the scans clean and clear, but each manual has extensive bookmarks to help customers find what they need.

We stand behind our produts. If a customer has a problem, we are here to help.

We understand the digital products can sometimes have problems. Maybe the file gets corrupted or a customer has a hard drive failure. So, regardless of where you purchased the manual or how long ago, we will get it working for you.

“Forel Publishing is awesome! When my hard drive failed, I thought I had lost my manual and would have to buy another. With the download link you provided I am up and running again. Thanks!”

Mark K.

“Thank you very much for your quick response. I really appreciate your information and detailed instructions. I have followed them and now have access to the manual. This has been one of the best customer service experiences I have had lately!

Doug B.

“You’ve always been so responsive and helpful every time I’ve had a problem. It is greatly appreciated and I’m grateful to have purchased a product with such remarkable support.

Thank you very much and stay healthy.”

Mark S.
A Little More About Us

Frequently Asked Questions

Just download the order form below or send us your purchase order. As long as we have your business contact information, that's all we need.

Once we receive your purchase order we will contact you. It's that easy.

We have over 110 Ford manuals for cars, trucks, wiring diagrams, master parts catalog, and more.

Our contract with Ford Motor Company allows us to produce just about any manual that Ford published. Of course, every product must be submitted to Ford for approval to earn the "Official License Product" label.

Just about anybody can sell our eBooks and earn the same 55% commission just like the physical products. All that is really needed is a ClickBank account.

Clickbank is the processing company that tracks and manages all sales, processes customer payments, and sends your commission payments to you.

After your Clickbank account is created, your account name (known as your NICKNAME) is used to create a unique URL to place on your site.

Once your BUY NOW links are placed on your website, everything else is automated! Customers click the link, make payment, get their manual and you get paid.

It may sound complicated at first, but it is really very easy. Questions? Let us help!

Absolutely! We understand that not every reseller may carry the manual you want or sometimes their website is not configured to sell eBooks yet.

Please use the link below to find a listing of all our ebooks.

Whether it's a USB or eBook, all our manuals have the same great features. Features like:

  • -Adobe PDF format
  • -No Security Software
  • -Keyword Searchable
  • -Bookmarked
  • -Zoom-In Feature
  • -High Resolution Scans

Forel Publishing Company, LLC, is a family owned and operated business. We have been in business for over 21 years and produce 110+ vintage Ford Motor Company manuals in digital PDF format (USB / eBook downloads).

We are licensed by the Ford Motor Company to reproduce their manuals in digital format (USB and eBook). Every product we produce must be approved by Ford for quality and craftsmanship before we can apply the seal "Offical License Product". Our License is #84356800.

Our manuals are created in Adobe's Portable Document Format (PDF) and can be viewed on both Windows and MAC computers.


If you have any questions please feel free to contact us using the form below.

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